Decoder and Uppercut Support Flood Relief

The recent Alberta floods were devastating for both Alberta residents and businesses. From destroyed houses to workplace disruptions, the impact of the floods affected many of our families, neighbours and our own team.

Assembly Office Assembly Office 2 The assembly office parkade flooding

Our own office space at Assembly was impacted by basement flooding. Fortunately, we were able to quickly pump out the water and re-open our offices within a few days. Many other homes and businesses in the area were not as lucky. In the spirit of Calgarian generosity our team stepped forward to help our community.

Many members of our team hosted friends, family, and strangers during the crisis, offering warm beds and meals during times of evacuation.

On the first day following the flood, team members Annette, Brody and Tim helped Jack and Anne Krusche recover their flooded home. This heritage home was over 100 years old; the original owner was among the geologists who discovered oil in Turner Valley. Tim and his wife Deborah returned the following day to help with the effort.

Our own Uppercut team member Anders was hit particularly hard by the flood, suffering the loss of his home in Mission. Tim, Xerxes and Karen helped him fill trucks and vans to move his belongings to his friend’s home for storage. Decoder developer Levin’s father lived in High River, an area that was severely impacted. Our team took a day to pick up our shovels and help clear his home. Between the Decoder and Uppercut team and other Calgary volunteers we assembled a cleanup crew of 10 people.

High River Cleanup Decoder High River Cleanup Decoder Cleanup crew in High River

Tim returned the following day to High River to help a friend clean a severely damaged house. The cleanup process involved removing saturated drywall and working in an area with high levels of mold and bacteria. The volunteer team followed safety procedures including proper suits, masks and boots, but still dealt with minor injuries in the dangerous conditions.

Decoder and Uppercut Flood Cleanup Decoder and Uppercut Flood Cleanup

Decoder and Uppercut Flood Cleanup

Our team and local and volunteers cleaning up homes in Calgary and High River

The Decoder and Uppercut teams were happy to contribute to the efforts and are proud of our community for its support and assistance during this disaster.

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