Decoder and Uppercut Celebrate Win at the Digital Alberta Awards

Pictured above: Don Wieshlow - COO, Uppercut, Aaron Booth, and Tim Nakamura - President, Decoder

Decoder and Uppercut are pleased to announce placing in four finalist categories at the 2013 Digital Alberta Awards and taking home the award for Best In Mobile Entertainment.

The Digital Alberta Awards recognize leaders in innovation, creativity, and the evolving digital media sector in Alberta. The 2013 awards took place on June 3rd at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton and featured special guest Minister of Culture Honourable Heather Klimchuk.

2BIT Shirts, the online t-shirt retailer from Uppercut, placed as a finalist in “Best in E-Commerce Solutions”. Mythic Mountain from Decoder/Uppercut was a finalist in “Best in Gaming”. The “Best in Mobile Entertainment” showcased two Decoder/Uppercut finalists: IndieShuffle, an independent music streaming app and winner Pop Quiz Show.

Tim Nakamure and Don Wieshlow accept their Digital Alberta Award for Mobile Entertainment Pop Quiz Show: Winner of Best in Mobile Entertainment

The Best in Mobile Entertainment winner Pop Quiz Show is a multi-player trivia game styled after retro TV game shows. Players connect to the game wirelessly, over the same wifi network or hotspot. The app is a free download and available in the app store and has over 20 trivia packs available including movie quotes, greek mythology, and sports trivia.

The Pop Quiz Show Team is Anders Svensson, Stephen Peasley, Dan Parry, Ronny Fenrich, Levin Dixon, and Kyle Langille.

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