Your enterprise + mobile

I’ve read a few articles about how mobile is going to impact the Enterprise. There is an article today in ReadWrite-Mobile that discusses how business leaders have to rethink their business with respect to mobile. The original article was posted on IBM’s blog.

For the first time, IT is no longer rolling out technology; employees are bringing their mobile devices to the work place (BYOD). IT departments are struggling with this as they protect the company assets through security and integrity of their information.

In a mobile enterprise, your staff will be able to share information and interact in business process no matter where they are. Decisions will be made quicker and with more information available at their fingertips.

The key points of this article:

B to C companies need to rethink marketing by taking into account locations of customers and real time communications through social media.

With mobile devices employees can gather information and make decisions on the spot.

Big data means information is available including unstructured data from sensors, video and web. Companies will have to find a secure way to make this easily accessible when it is pushed/pulled via mobile.

Legacy systems need to be accessed with the mobile devices.

New processes need to be developed with a mobile first mentality. If you harness the mobile properly, you’ll gain an advantage over your competitors. To be the new leaders, it will derive from technology, new business processes, insights from data analytics and the new interactions among people.

Are you going to act or react? Strategic or after the fact. A lot of decisions have to be made that might be to your advantage over your competitors.

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