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Google Ventures Design Sprint: Day Two (Diverge)

This is a series of blog posts detailing our experiments with the Google Ventures design sprint for rapid prototyping. Learn more about it here, and day one (understand) here.

Day two of the product design sprint is titled “diverge”.

Now that our team fully understood the product and problems, we split the group up to generate as many solutions as possible. As the Google Ventures blog describes it: “Remember in the Legend of Zelda how the map would light up rooms you had visited as you explored the dungeon? That’s what you’re doing on day... Read More

Tackling the Google Ventures Design Sprint

In August 2013 the Decoder team attended GROW, Canada’s largest startup and technology conference. One of the notable presentations was from Google Ventures’ Jay Knapp describing the Google “Product Design Sprint”.

The design sprint offered an innovative way to create a rapid prototype in five days. Knapp outlined the five days of the “sprint” and specific daily activities designed to make quick, effective decisions and allow the best ideas to rise to the top.

The “five-day recipe” is outlined as:

Before the sprint: Prepare 
Get the people and things you need.

Day 1: Understand 
Dig into the... Read More