Car2Share Will Make Carpooling Simple

Decoder team members Levin Dixon and Kyle Langille have been working on an exciting new project. Car2Share is an upcoming service that makes Carpooling with Car2Go simple.

Levin was inspired to start Car2Share when his mother switched from transit to Car2Go. Car2Go offered more convenience but the costs were still higher than transit, about $2 per day. Car2Share offers the convenience of Car2Go but splits the cost between passengers.

The app, which will be developed in-house here at Decoder, will locate nearby Car2Go carpoolers with a similar destination and departure time. The app will make it easy to contact the driver and share a ride. Drivers will receive friendly notifications when someone is interested in sharing a ride and will have the option to accept or decline the request.

The app encourages building a community around Car2Go while being environmentally friendly and budget savvy. Car2Share is currently in production, but interested users can sign up here to be notified when it is available.

At Decoder we love making fantastic products for our friends and clients. We also create exciting in-house projects and startups fuelled by the ideas and talents of our team. Other independent projects from Decoder include Remixes app, Pop Quiz Show, and Mythic Mountain, all free in the app store.

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