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We create mobile device and tablet products
— with a little web thrown in for good measure —
for cutting-edge businesses across North America.

But mostly we’re a group of people who are passionate about making great things for our clients and ourselves. Sometimes we go for coffee.






From the first meeting to the first download, we work together to put something delightful into our customers' hands. We also like to create products with our own in-house ideas and are passionate about being involved in our local startup community.

Current Opportunities

Polyglot Web Developer iOS Developer

Our current openings don't fit with your career, but you're interested in working with us? Well, we'd still love to hear from you so send us your resume anyway.


The work is incredibly challenging. You're not just patching up tired, old code or hoping what you are working on will actually make it out there. Our stuff is in production and being used by customers with 24/7 operations that don't allow for 'dead air'.

Our existing team is smart and passionate about their work. And we want to keep it that way. So no matter how much we need to hire folks, everyone goes through a thorough technical interview.

And of course we are located in Calgary's Kensington neighborhood with convenient transit and in a newly renovated modern space.


Google Ventures Design Sprint: Day Four (Prototype)

This is a series of blog posts detailing our experiments with the Google Ventures Design Sprint for product design. Learn more about it here, day one (understand), day two (diverge), and day three (decide).

After three days of understanding the problems and tackling them from different angles, we were ready to embark on day four: prototype.

The Google Ventures blog describes a prototype as “anything a person can look at and respond to. A prototype doesn’t usually have to be very complex in order to learn what you need to know.” They recommend using... Read More

Google Ventures Design Sprint: Day Three (Decide)

This is a series of blog posts detailing our experiments with the Google Ventures Design Sprint for product design. Learn more about it here, day one (understand) here, and day two (diverge) here.

Day two’s exercises were themed “diverge” where the group split apart and generated ideas independently. We learned that “diverge” activities were less effective on well-known problems that had already been solved. Our best advice for “diverge” activities are to use them on tough problems where the team throws hands in the air saying, “I don’t know how to solve this!”.

Day... Read More

Google Ventures Design Sprint: Day Two (Diverge)

This is a series of blog posts detailing our experiments with the Google Ventures design sprint for rapid prototyping. Learn more about it here, and day one (understand) here.

Day two of the product design sprint is titled “diverge”.

Now that our team fully understood the product and problems, we split the group up to generate as many solutions as possible. As the Google Ventures blog describes it: “Remember in the Legend of Zelda how the map would light up rooms you had visited as you explored the dungeon? That’s what you’re doing on day... Read More

Google Ventures Design Sprint: Day One (Understand)

Following the Google Ventures design sprint process, day one is themed “understand”. This day of the sprint is dedicated to understanding the product or idea. Google Ventures Design Staff describes the day as follows:

Business opportunity — The CEO or product leader should walk the sprint team through the business opportunity and market.

Lightning demos — Look at competitors’ products. It can also be helpful to look at non-competitive products that solve a similar kind of problem in a different market.

Lay it out — Print out all the important screens in your product, lay it out, and... Read More

Tackling the Google Ventures Design Sprint

In August 2013 the Decoder team attended GROW, Canada’s largest startup and technology conference. One of the notable presentations was from Google Ventures’ Jay Knapp describing the Google “Product Design Sprint”.

The design sprint offered an innovative way to create a rapid prototype in five days. Knapp outlined the five days of the “sprint” and specific daily activities designed to make quick, effective decisions and allow the best ideas to rise to the top.

The “five-day recipe” is outlined as:

Before the sprint: Prepare 
Get the people and things you need.

Day 1: Understand 
Dig into the... Read More

Car2Share Will Make Carpooling Simple

Decoder team members Levin Dixon and Kyle Langille have been working on an exciting new project. Car2Share is an upcoming service that makes Carpooling with Car2Go simple.

Levin was inspired to start Car2Share when his mother switched from transit to Car2Go. Car2Go offered more convenience but the costs were still higher than transit, about $2 per day. Car2Share offers the convenience of Car2Go but splits the cost between passengers.

The app, which will be developed in-house here at Decoder, will locate nearby Car2Go carpoolers with a similar destination and departure time. The app will make it easy to... Read More

Flat UI Design

With the new iOS7 and increasing number of app interfaces using flat design, there’s no doubt that the flat trend is here to stay. “Flat” UI refers to design that uses elements without gradients, ornaments or effects such as shadows or shading.

A strong antithesis to the web-2.0 style which uses glossy, glass-like interfaces and heavy drop shadow, the flat style has received some criticism for being oversimplified and unpolished.

The argument in support of flat UI design is that it retains honesty to the materials. Rather than mimicking real-life objects such as leather, metal and fabric, flat... Read More

5 Essential Features for Event Apps

Although summer’s end means a decline in outdoor music and cultural festivals, the season for professional conferences is just beginning. Not only a source of entertainment and information, festivals and conferences provide a valuable networking opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Scheduling must-see sessions at a large conference can be a challenge, particularly when there are overlapping events and venue-hopping. Printed timetables can be confusing and ineffective when venues and speakers change at the last minute. Luckily the days of printed schedules are numbered as event planners build interactive and dynamic event apps.

A well-designed event app can... Read More

Best Music Apps for Running and Race Training

Our team at Decoder and Uppercut have been busy training for the Spartan Race. This will be Tim’s second year tackling the intense 5k obstacle course and a first for the rest of us. We’ve been preparing ourselves by doing outdoor strength training, hill practice, and frequent runs along Calgary’s river pathways to improve our strength and speed.

To run with or without music is a hot debate. Many runners prefer to run unplugged so they can focus on stride and technique. However, for many of us, good running music is an important motivator to keep us... Read More

Decoder and Uppercut Support Flood Relief

The recent Alberta floods were devastating for both Alberta residents and businesses. From destroyed houses to workplace disruptions, the impact of the floods affected many of our families, neighbours and our own team.

Assembly Office Assembly Office 2 The assembly office parkade flooding

Our own office space at Assembly was impacted by basement flooding. Fortunately, we were able to quickly pump out the water and re-open our offices within a few days. Many other homes and businesses in the area were not as lucky. In the spirit of Calgarian generosity our team... Read More

Decoder and Uppercut Celebrate Win at the Digital Alberta Awards

Pictured above: Don Wieshlow - COO, Uppercut, Aaron Booth, and Tim Nakamura - President, Decoder

Decoder and Uppercut are pleased to announce placing in four finalist categories at the 2013 Digital Alberta Awards and taking home the award for Best In Mobile Entertainment.

The Digital Alberta Awards recognize leaders in innovation, creativity, and the evolving digital media sector in Alberta. The 2013 awards took place on June 3rd at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton and featured special guest Minister of Culture Honourable Heather Klimchuk.

2BIT Shirts, the online t-shirt retailer from Uppercut, placed as a finalist in... Read More

Your enterprise + mobile

I’ve read a few articles about how mobile is going to impact the Enterprise. There is an article today in ReadWrite-Mobile that discusses how business leaders have to rethink their business with respect to mobile. The original article was posted on IBM’s blog.

For the first time, IT is no longer rolling out technology; employees are bringing their mobile devices to the work place (BYOD). IT departments are struggling with this as they protect the company assets through security and integrity of their information.

In a mobile enterprise, your staff will be able to share information... Read More